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Mark S. Rudiger Celestial Navigation Trophy

Application for 2017 Mark Rudiger Celestial Navigation Trophy

2017 Example Submission from winner Jason Owens, Chim Chim

The name of the deeded trophy is the Mark Rudiger Celestial Navigation Trophy.

This trophy is an antique brass 1905, T. Hemsley & Son silver-vernier, A-frame sextant, donated by Stan Honey, which will receive plaques for each winner.

The winner will also receive a take-home “navigators trophy” similar to those received by the navigators of the winning boats, but engraved as the Mark Rudiger Celestial Navigation Award.

This trophy is to be awarded each Transpac Race to the navigator who submits celestial navigation worksheets or evidence of traditional navigation to the finish inspectors immediately after finishing, and whose work is selected as the “best” (see below criteria) by an impartial panel of judges.

The judging panel is to comprise one or more navigators, skilled in the art of celestial navigation, who have completed at least one Transpac Race, and who are selected by the Commodore of The Transpacific Yacht Club each race. Judges serving on the panel will be ineligible to compete for the Trophy for the year for which they are serving as a judge.

The judging will be subjective and final, and will be based on the difficulty of the navigational techniques used and the skill exhibited in the submitted work. The judges will consider;

  • Traditional Polynesian/Micronesian navigational techniques would be highly regarded. For initial reference, see David Lewis' book, “We the Navigators”.
  • Longitude (and time) determination via Lunar Distance would be highly regarded.
  • Traditional celestial navigation comprising multi-LOP running fixes including sights of stars, planet(s), and moon, are more highly regarded than noon sights or other meridian transits.
  • Tabular reductions will be more highly regarded than computer or calculator reductions.
  • Accuracy of the sextant observations, as evidenced by the size of the “cocked hat” of the running fixes, will be considered.
  • The accuracy of the submitted work will be checked, and any errors in traditional sight correction, sight reduction, or plotting of the sights and running fix will be weighed against the submission.
  • The expertise and artistry exhibited by the submitted work will be favorably considered.

2017 Example Submission

2017 Chim Chim Jason Owens
2015 TBD TBD
2013 Dorade Matt Wachowicz
2011 Relentless Dave Snodgrass