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The Transpac Honolulu Race Elapsed Time Record Trophy

Awarded to the Record Holder for the fastest elapsed time by a monohull yacht in the Los Angeles to Honolulu Race.

Created by Andrea Favilli, the clock in the trophy is set to the most recent record time. The beautiful clock trophy is currently part of a special Transpac display at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum.

Donated to Transpacific Yacht Club by Roy E. Disney

The list of Los Angeles to Honolulu Record holders is:

2009 Alfa Romeo

Neville Crichton

5 days 14:36:20
2005 Morning Glory

Hasso Plattner

6 days 16:04:11
1999 Pyewacket

Roy E. Disney

7 days 11:41:27
1997 Pyewacket

Roy P. Disney

7 days 15:24:40
1977 Merlin

Bill Lee

8 days 11:01:45
1971 Windward Passage

Mark Johnson

9 days 09:06:48
1969 Blackfin

Kenneth DeMeuse

9 days 10:21:00
1965 Ticonderoga

Robert Johnson

9 days 13:51:02
1955 Morning Star

Richard S. Rheem

9 days 15:05:10
1949 Morning Star

Richard S. Rheem

10 days 10:13:09
1926 Invader

Don M. Lee

12 days 02:48:03
1906 Lurline

H. H. Sinclair

12 days 09:59:00