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Invisible Hand Race Update

July 9 2019, 1700

Last sked (12 noon) from the 2017 Transpac YB (delayed) Tracker was incredible. Here we are on Frank Slootman's new Pac52, Invisible Hand, fully lit up on the step with A2 spinnaker and Spin staysail. Pushing the boat hard; blasting through waves—water everywhere; streaming down the deck and sloshing around down below. Pro drivers and trimmers eeking out every last bit of speed. It's loud, athletic and extreme. You can't imagine us going any faster. I'm getting launched around the nav just trying to look at the screen.

Sked Results
Invisible Hand Course over ground = 248 degrees magnetic
Invisible hand Speed over Ground= 15.47.

Scroll down to our sistership, Pac52 Bad Pak.
BadPak Course over ground= 248 degrees magnetic
BadPak Speed over Ground= 15.49.

Seriously? 2 one hundreds of a knot delta? Is that like one surf down a wave worth of difference? That BadPak team is good. Tight racing across the Pacific Ocean to say the least.

To put this blistering pace in perspective, Comanche, the fastest monohull in the world, put up a 19.19 knots number on the same sked down from the mid-20s we'd been seeing. Rio 100 was 13.78, Albeit with a compromised rudder after strong seamanship to sort out their damage and keep racing.

During the first couple days of the race, Stan on Comanche reported: “24 hour run is 484.1 nautical miles, which is a new record, 53 beyond Wild Oats XI record of 453, which I think is the current 24 hour rollcall to rollcall TP record.”

The Invisible Hand's longest 24 hour run so far (not check-in to check-in) has been 379.930 nm at an average speed of 15.83 knots.

So nothing to do now but keep pressing in search of more speed. Just pulled down the next sked. We found some more speed stretched a tiny bit more. The only guarantee is that we will continue to send it.

Lew, Navigator- IH