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List of all award winners from the 2013 Transpac race.

Honolulu, Hawaii - July 26, 2013 - The gala Awards Ceremony for the 47th Transpac is always a festive and at times raucous affair, with dozens of trophies awarded to individuals and teams who participated in the race. With a rich and diverse history stretching back to the first race held in 1906, there is an impressive collection of perpetual trophies, some of which are gorgeous works of art rendered in wood, silver, pewter, crystal and other materials.

Video archive from the 2013 Transpac Race.

Honolulu, Hawaii – July 24, 2013 – Isao Mita’s 2011 Judel/Vrolijk-designed TP 52 Beecom has won the first-ever class formed to score Transpac entries under the High Performance Rating system (HPR). In all nine boats from Divisions 1 and 2 agreed to have HPR certificates issued and scored for this race.

Weakening trade winds have kept early finishers safe in their corrected time positions, as the last few boats come in to the finish at Diamond Head in the 2013 Transpac. The irregular wind conditions have made boat tracking on the Yellowbrick system an imperfect measure of ETA’s and thus hard on the Aloha party planners ashore, but once ashore the hospitality offered has been gratefully well-received.

Honolulu, Hawaii – July 22, 2013 – With about one fourth the fleet still making their final approaches into the finish in today’s light winds, the windows of opportunities have now been closed for anyone to challenge the top three overall finishers in the 2013 Transpac. On the strength of starting in perfect wind conditions, carrying these through the race, and with a comprehensive refit and well-developed performance program on a classic yacht, Matt Brooks’ 1929 Sparkman & Stephens-designed 52-foot wooden yawl Dorade has earned overall victory in this 47th edition of the race, organized by the Transpacific YC and held biennially since 1906.

A few years after the ULDB 70 Sled heydays of the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Transpacific YC commissioned a new class of fast offshore race boats to provide similar speeds but in smaller more modern shapes to do its signature Transpac race to Hawaii, but to also be fit for other races around the world. The TransPac 52 was born, and ever since the this box-rule design has evolved from being designed for coastal and offshore races in California to being used as the world’s premier inshore racing class at venues in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Honolulu, Hawaii – July 20, 2013 – Over its long history since first being sailed in 1906, the 2225-mile LA-Honolulu Transpac race has attracted a rich diversity of boat types, and among the nine additional entries that today crossed the finish line today at Diamond Head, there were two outstanding examples of the opposite ends of the spectrum in race boat design and build technology.

Honolulu, Hawaii - July 20, 2013 - For many in the Transpac, the race is about challenging the elements and themselves to make the fastest possible race to the finish at Diamond Head. But for two Japanese teams in Division 7, there was more to it than that - there was rivalry and pride.

Honolulu, Hawaii – July 19, 2013 – At 18:17:26 today local Hawaii time, Syd Fischer’s Elliott 100 Ragamuffin 100 crossed the finish line at Diamond Head to be the fastest monohull to complete the 2225-mile course in the 2013 Transpac.

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