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2012 Tahiti

Approaching the Kingdom of Neptune

"Big Mike" Howard was given a last minute opportunity to sail to Tahiti on Beau Geste.  He reports as the boat approaches the Equator and the Kingdom of Neptune.

With 300 miles to go to the equator there are seven Pollywogs who are nervous aboard the good Yacht Beau Geste.  Not knowing what the King of all the Ocean has in store for them and the grievous sins they have committed among his realm over the past 8 days out here on the Pacific.  We who have paid the dear price crossing over the spot where he dwells along the Equator know how mighty and vindictive he can be along with his Queen Cod Fish.

There is a bit of trepidation among the Pollywogs wondering what mood the mighty King of the Sea will be in.

While we continue to venture toward his Empire at 20 knots all is well here on board.  Having done a few miles on the ocean as well as Transpacs, I must admit this sprint to Tahiti is like no other sailing. 1900 miles down wind on port jibe in 20 -25 knots of trade winds with the bow pointing toward the Southern Cross standing out brilliantly in the Southern Sky.  The temperature outside is a pleasant but warm shirt sleeve condition.  With the exception of the occasional flying fish hitting you at night in the side of the head, nothing could compare.  It's a shame more of us who have sailed to Hawaii have not taken this opportunity provided by Transpac Yacht Club to visit another Paradise.  
Having just returned from the Cabo Race and bringing Pendragon 6 back to Marina Del Rey I arrived home to an email from Gavin Brady asking of my availability.  My first reaction being I cannot.  My second packing my sea bag and jumping at the opportunity.  Thank you Gavin and Karl Kwok for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to share this adventure with the Beau Geste Racing Team.  A wonderful group of sailors not to mention human beings.  And thank you Erin for being such a great understanding mate.

For those of you following the race get up from your computer and start planning for the next edition of the Transpac Tahiti race.  You will not regret it for a second. I must admit I have not.

Beau Geste, all I can say is one awesome yacht.  Having crossed three oceans in three years, North Atlantic, South Atlantic and now North to South Pacific on the way to New Zealand is a tribute to Karl Kwok, Gavin Brady and team Beau Geste.  An accomplishment not shared by many yachts.  Hopefully we will see the team back for another Transpac sooner than later

Time for Happy Hour on the aft deck.  Last time for the seven Pollywogs before they enter the lair of King Neptune.

Fair Winds to all.  G'day to our mates on Rage.  We here on Beau Geste wish you all the best.  Great you have taken on the challenge. Thank you Transpac Yacht Club.

Big Mikey Howard, Out.