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2012 Tahiti

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Rage and Beau Geste do a classic Port and Starboard match racing start heading for Tahiti.  The two boats lined up on opposite sides of the line set by Los Angeles Yacht Club exactly as you would expect Beau Geste's sailing master Gavin Brady would.  Having just come with inches of winning the Long Beach Yacht Club's Congressional Cup only a month ago, he clearly has those starts in mind.

Details for the 2012 Tahiti Race.

Transpac is hearing from sailors with a yen to race to Tahiti, and they ask—

Will there be another race like 2008?

The answer is yes.

Transpac has announced that the 2012 Tahiti Race is now a “Go”.  So far, there are two excellent boats entered: Karl Kwok’s Farr 80 “Beau Geste”, and Steve Rander’s Wylie 70 “Rage”.

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