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Phaedo on Record Pace

Brian Thompson on board Lloyd Thornburg’s MOD70 Phaedo3, who are expected in Hawaii in the early hours of tomorrow AM, just sent this report:

"It’s been full on here, very hard to type anything since the start... inside the last 500 miles and the record is still on if we keep the speed up.

It's blowing 25 knots with more in the squalls and we are tearing downwind towards Honolulu.

The first night was rough as expected with 30 knots plus on the beam and a big sea state. We had 3 reefs and the J3 which is our storm jib up most of the night. We lost some time there but the second and 3rd day have been keeping up with a routing pace.

Everyone pushing hard to get this record, any off-watch time is spent making some freeze dried food and trying to sleep inside this rally car going full speed…"