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2015 Honolulu

From Hokahey

Day 11


“Pay to play sailors got a great deal this year. Pay 10 days get 5 days free!”

Most northern monohull on any Transpac ever! We raised our gloved fists toward the heavens, as we gathered round the cockpit for our half way point celebration. Then, shaking with laughter, we scarfed pickled sweet potato salad and rosemary leg of lamb out of our plastic boat bowls. We'd all been looking forward to this occasion, for which Jeff had donated and prepped such luxurious grub. However, we'd expected to meet the the half way mile marker about two days earlier, and we certainly had not expected to be sailing the 34th latitude.

That was three days ago. Today, Elizabeth gave Connor a break from his usual duty of traveling to the top of the mast to check the halyards for chafe. 70 feet up, she hung onto the shrouds, and scanned the Pacific for competitors. The ocean's so vast, it seemed we were floating not on the Earth, but a smaller, windiier planet made up entirely of a glimmering blue sea blanket. No land. and most notably for us, no competitors. All according to plan.

JH sailing team's rolled the proverbial dice in hopes that our competitors will follow a short, conventional route, falling victim to the low pressure zones likely to pop up in Hurricane Dolores's wake. Victory depends on our superior northern velocity. Risky? Affirmative. We'll lose or win big. But consider this landlubbers: Is it not risk- in love, art and Monopoly- that makes life zesty as a pickled sweet potato? Affirmative.

So, the rainbow chute's flying, as we surf these northern waters. We will have to turn down south eventually, but that time has yet to come. For now, the Lil Lon's blasting from the stern speakers. The pit men and woman trim and crank the spin pole in time to the beat. From the helm, Gus murmurs to his watch team” we are now Lords of the North. We own it. ” TURN DOWN FOR WHAT

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