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Just one more great seminar for Transpac Racers and others interested coming up in the month of June.

Peter Isler, world class navigator and sailor, will present his Expedtion - Navigating and Routing Seminar in the evening on June 27 at the Los Angeles YC in San Pedro. The seminar will focus on Transpac race strategy, optimal routing, GRIB files for wind and current, and many of the·powerful capabilities of Expedition software.

Although the focus is on Transpac Race, the material covered will help anyone interested in using weather routing tools to race or cruise on the west coast. 

Be in the center of all the action!

Rainbow Harbor is again slated to be the Mainland home of the Transpacific Yacht club. The Harbor is located just off Downtown Long Beach with the pre-race festivities all within walking distance. The City of Long Beach has graciously offered to provide some complimentary berthing in Rainbow Harbor for yachts participating in the Transpacific Yacht Clubs 2015 race to Hawaii. This space will be complimentary to participants from July 6th through the time of the yacht’s start date for the race.

PASHA, a Transpac sponsor, will be shipping a container, to and from Hawaii, for your delivery gear. We will be collecting gear, throughout Southern California, and loading the container. The container will be inside the ship.

The gear pickups will be in Marina Del Rey, Long Beach and San Diego. Gear will be collected July 6, 2015 through July 11, 2015. Dates of pickup locations will be announced soon. Please contact us if you would like to send gear.

The delivery gear, to Hawaii, is $2.10 per pound, excluding fuel containers. Fuel containers will be $4.00 per pound. Our service includes picking up gear, in Southern California, and delivery to your boat on Oahu. Gear will be weighed at the time it is picked up and payment is due by cash, check (made payable to J&L Marine Services) or credit card.

Some great seminars for Transpac Racers and others interested coming up in the next few months.  Watch this space for more news as they become available.  They will also be listed on the Schedule of Events located here.

The Transpac team, led by navigating and sailor superstar John Jourdane will present a Transpac Preparation seminar at Los Angeles YC on Sunday April 19th.  John's many years experience and many Pacific crossings have left him with a wealth of knowledge to share.  His specialty this time wil be talking about emergency steering systems.  How to prepare, what works, and what doesn't work.  (Hint - You want the former!)  You can click here to register, and click here for the flyer and more info.  Following the seminar, the bar at LAYC will be open for some snacks and a cool drink and an opportunity to talk to the presenters and compare notes with some of the crews from other boats.  It's a good one to not miss!

A 2010 review by the Transpac Technical committee of the wind matrix identified two important improvements that the BOD has approved. The 2009 matrix had a component where a boat is rated for sailing at 150 degrees true wind angle. New, fast designs never sail this deep. To fix this the TWA 150 component is evaluated so that no yacht is rated as sailing below their VMG TWA, but instead are jibed , sailing their VMG angle above the 150 course until they reach the “lay line”, jibing onto the opposite gybe for the “mark” that is TWA 150 from the starting point .

Also, the 2009 matrix Optimum Run component is calculated with equal time on each gybe. In actuality on a typical race, in the trades, significant time is spent on the starboard gybe until that location where it makes sense to Optimum Run to the Molokai. To implement that change, half of the VMG Run is now rated as TWA 165 with boats whose VMG angle is 165 or wider are sailed at their speed on the VMG angle and boats whose VMG angle is tighter are jibed in the manner described above for tight winded boats at 150 TWA.

No changes have been made for the 2015 race.

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