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Aloha Sendoff Party at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach by Doug Gifford/

Since 2005 Transpac has called Long Beach our mainland homeport. Sandwiched between the corporate high rises of downtown and the Queen Mary, Rainbow Harbor is home to the Transpac fleet as they gather and prepare for the Race. For two weeks prior to the start competitors enjoy complimentary moorings at the marina. Shoreline Village with its shops, attractions, restaurants and watering holes, surrounds Rainbow Harbor and serves as the gathering place for race participants, as well as local residents. Held during the Long Beach Sea Festival, Transpac Village and Rainbow Harbor has become the place where the public can get an up-close look at the racing yachts.

During the week prior to the start, Transpac Village becomes the focal point for the race activities. Located between the Aquarium of the Pacific and Gladstone’s Restaurant, the Village presents a scenic venue for parties, official merchandise sales, and disseminating information about Transpac both past and present. Along the water’s edge stand 11 commemorative monuments.: standing 5 ½ feet tall, the sail-shaped sculptures highlight with text and photos each decade of the race since its inception in 1906. On start days the public gathers here to hear the roll call of yachts as they leave port for the open ocean. Cannons thunder and fireboats fill the sky with arcs of water as the boats parade by on their way to the Pt. Fermin, start of the 2,216-mile race to Honolulu.

Transpac Commemorative monument in Rainbow Harbor